Are You Stressed Over The Terrible Twos Stage?

Key strategies for parents to help with the Terrible Twos!

How can it be that our little angels, love of our life and reason for being, hit the terrible twos and turn so swiftly to out and out little sods, crazy little humans with much evidence of the devil being in control of them?! Welcome to the terrible twos! Even more fun for the loving parents and family is the way in this behavior can be so simply turned on or off like a switch.

You can go out and ask any parent or guardian about raising children and parenting even without the terrible twos thrown and they will tell you it is an extremely challenging experience. The massive upside to parenting is that it is so very rewarding, culminating in an experience that just can’t be beaten or topped in any way.¬† I am the proud father of two awesome boys (with perhaps one more child on the way!) who at the time of writing are now 3 and 6.

The Terrible Twos does not always strike!

My first boy, Kaleb, was pretty reserved actually and happily for us, did not give us that much grief at the terrible twos stage to be honest. He certainly had his times but overall, he was pretty cruisy. However my second born, Seth, is another matter entirely! He sure has given us some ample exposure on how the terrible twos can affect the family balance for both good and bad!

With the arrival of Seth came the arrival of the terrible twos!

He is defiant, stands up for himself, argumentative, challenging, aggressive (without being mean! :)), noisy, mischievous and into ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!¬† He seems to have an impeccable and never wrong radar that seems to magnetically draw him to whatever he just shouldn’t be touching or playing with – no matter where it is hidden! He also knows what he wants (at the ripe old age of 3!) and doesn’t like to take a backward step or give a single inch.

I won’t even start yet about his temper tantrums and yelling (classic sign of the terrible twos)! He is also what we call the justice commissioner of our home and the righter of all wrongs! All very obvious examples of the terrible twos!

Seth is also one of those children that if you can’t hear what he is doing, or if it has been a while since you have seen him then RUN and FIND HIM before it is too late or at least too messy! If you are sitting back enjoying a TV show or something and thinking to yourself how lovely the peace and quiet is and how wonderfully well behaved your terrible twos toddler is… SNAP OUT OF IT and go find your child! Ignore this gold piece of parenting advice for the terrible twos child at your peril! :-)

Some of the terrible twos behavior has telltale signs and is easily noticed and observed before it happens however it is not uncommon in our house to see him running into a bedroom with hands behind his back and smiling at us from ear to ear – Captain Obvious we like to call him!

Seth is the sweetest boy, so cute and loving and has a beautiful heart but since he turned two and hit the terrible twos, oh boy, how the trouble and mischief started! He is so lucky that he was born with amazing cuteness which has probably saved his life a few times!

I know in my heart and also from personal experience that this stage will end like all challenging times in our lives, but he is definitely much harder to deal with than Kaleb ever was which is why I needed some extra help! Hopefully the successful strategies and tools I have found for myself and shared with you here at The Terrible Twos will be of some assistance to you as they have been to me…

To read more about understanding and handling the terrible twos stage and also to get some help at how to successfully get through this challenging terrible twos stage, click the crying boy below (look familiar?) and also have a look at the Helpful Parenting Information on the left hand side of the page especially this most helpful controlling terrible twos page!

I hope you find plenty of information about the terrible twos and how to handle them here and just remember, every win is a win no matter how small!

Best of luck to you! Please feel free to submit a comment on any posts or if you have any questions or personal feedback on any of the methods or programs I have talked about on this site in dealing with the terrible twos and beyond. Sharing your success about what worked when surviving the terrible twos might just be the trick to help someone else out there!


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8 thoughts on “Are You Stressed Over The Terrible Twos Stage?”

  1. Wow! I never KNEW how difficult single-parenting could be until I birthed my only daughter. She just turned two on July 2nd and somehow between that day and now she has become, for lack of a better saying “hell on wheels!” She was an angel and now I most days question my sanity and sometimes ask God “ok God, I know you know, but are you SURE there wasnt some kind of mistake? lol…are you SURE I can do this?” I love my lil girl, she is most definately my reason for being but I just wonder sometimes how in the world I am going to make it thru this stage of development, this season of our lives. Everything is a fight, a battle of wills, an argument, EVERYTHING!!!!. And Ihave never met anyone, including a wrecking ball that could destruct SO much so fast. I call her hurricane Harmony. What do you do to make it thru? Anybody going thru a similar single parent situation that could give me few pointers? HELLPPPPPPPP

  2. Hi Jennifer!!! Just wanted to say I understand. My son is 22 mos and it seems like overnight he has grown horns…to put it softly. :) He challenges me on EVERYTHING. I’m not a single mom, but my husband runs a business, so he is never home and I feel like I do it all on my own most of the time. If you ever need an email buddy…I’m here. I could use somebody in my situation to talk to. :)

  3. My son is in his terrible twos and I’m struggling badly. I’ve tried spanking, yelling, time-outs, and even took away all toys and it still isn’t helping. I’m so stressed out. I love him so much he’s my world…but wow this stage of development is beyond hard! I feel like because of me spanking him and yelling at him has only taught him to hit and yell also. So I’m out of ways to discipline him. Nothings worst then having to discipline your toddler. But oh my, how do you not? How do I teach him to listen. What am I doing wrong? He fights me over everything. I dread night time. I just am glad I’m not the only one out there like this.

  4. Hi Jennifer! Yep those terrible twos toddlers sure can drive you insane and the emotional hurt and guilt associated after you have finally broken down can be a million times worse! You will definitely get through this – as every parent does! It is just made easier by using strategies and tools that make the journey easier. Hopefully the info here on my site can help you through it! All the best, Cameron –

  5. Hi Jamie, Us parents all totally sympathize with your situation as it’s one we certainly all have been in! Seems like you have tried everything but I ask for how long have you persisted in each approach? Even the best strategy will not work straight away and as you drop one method for another, your child will see it as just another “challenge” to confront and see off. And you are so right, as in point 3 of my article “5 Signs you need help with the terrible twos” it was horrifying to see my own behavior when it came to yelling and smacking being reflected in my children’s behavior. Terrible Two’s toddlers feed on emotion so some of the best methods to deal with them is simply to try and take out the emotion, yelling and outbursts and replace it with calm speaking that is stern and has meaning. Then after you have drawn a line in the sand, you don’t go back on it or again, your child will claim victory! It’s a hard phase but one you will get through! Just use the info and programs you can find here on my site and work hard on being cool as a cucumber, stern but fair and beyond arguments! Good luck and please let us know how you go! Cameron – The Terrible Twos

  6. I am a single mother of a 2 and a half year old girl and a 1 month old boy. My daughter is the joy of my life, an actual answer to prayer, but I feel I have no control over her at all! She doesn’t listen to anything I say, she screams, yells, throws things, bites, pinches, etc. She is absolutely horrible to her little brother. She bites him, scratches him, steals his pacifier, you name it! Yet, she can go to her grandparents or anywhere else for that matter and act like a perfect angel. In fact, it took my parents and her father’s parents a long time to believe she acts the way she does around me because she is always so good for them. Sometimes I think she hates me, but I’ve been told it just means she loves me and knows no matter how bad she acts, mommy is never going to leave her.

    I’m just glad to know that I am not alone and my child isn;t the only one who acts so badly!

  7. my son is 2 1/2 (turning 3 in October) and is in full swing of his terrible 2′s. he knows what he wants and when he wants it, he likes things to be done a certain way and if he can’t do it himself and you try to help out, look for the ear plugs!!! the thing is, i love him more than anything in this world, but me and his father can’t seem to see eye to eye on how to deal with his tantrums. I read articles, books, advice colums, ask other parents and i try all the “speak calmy, tell him why he is TIME OUT, discipline, we’ve set a schedule for him everyday (wake up, go to grandma’s while mom and dad work, come home or go to the park if its nice, dinner, bath/shower, book, bedtime)” but its those in between times where he throws a fit and screams bloody murder where it sounds like we are beating him to death that make me wish i was by myself on a deserted island and my fiance just can’t see that this is only a STAGE. We argue so much more than we ever used to. We wanted to have 3 kids, but now he tells me he can’t see himself going through this again and it kills me inside bc i want to have at least 1 more. Right now I am planning on moving out with our son just for a little while to give each other space, and i know us arguing is bc our son loves to do it his way, and SO DOES HIS FATHER. they are more alike then they know and i think thats why they butt heads…he thinks if he yells at him it will make the crying stop, but instead makes the crying louder and longer.. i need some help.. i love both of them and it feels like they are making me chose sides… so more than likely i will be a single mom by the end of this month..

  8. My daugther will be 2 later this month. In the past week she has started having screaming tantrums. Sometimes it’s when she doesn’t get her way, other times we have no idea what “set her off.” My biggest fear is her hurting herself. During one of the first big tantrums, she was kind of pulling at her lips and nose in fury and ended up cutting under her nose, enough for it to bleed. She throws herself around on the floor, too. We have put her in her crib at times, and so far she hasn’t gotten hurt in there. But I can just picture her banging up against the wood in her crib. She also sometimes gets so upset that she can’t catch her next breath. I know some kids can get to the point of passing out, but she hasn’t gone that far, thankfully. Usually she’ll catch her breath if I pick her up, take her outside etc. But, when she’s with my husband, it seems absolutely nothing will calm her down.

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